3 Tips to Elevate your Instagram Stories!

Instagram is a platform enjoyed by millions all over the world! In fact, over 500 million people post Instagram stories daily across personal and business accounts. So there is no question how important stories can be with keeping up to date with trends, as well as keeping your audience engaged with content. It’s an added layer to your social presence that can arguably elevate your brand and the products you sell. So today we will be breaking down 3 tips for you to try out!

  1. Branded Story Templates 

Creating repurposable templates to use for your stories, can really help you find a voice for your content, as well make your content more distinguishable amongst the others. Using elements from your branding in these templates is something you should definitely lean on when making your posts, because it will make your stories exclusive to your brand. With a base template, you can personalize it using the features of the platform to talk about flash news that only needs to be up for 24 hours. You will be able to capture the gaze of your viewers much longer when they see something unique that pops up when cycling through the stories of their feed! 

  1. Weekly Series Content

Now that you have your branded template, post your compelling content that your followers will look forward to each week! You can host a contest, a promotion, or even highlight your products by posting engaging activities like asking followers questions, giving them quizzes or even setting up polls! You can repurpose the same template and change the theme based on the season or even holiday.

  1. Share your behind the scenes!

How are things made? What does your creative process look like? Everyone loves a sneak peak of what’s going on behind the curtain! By showing your audience what goes on behind the scenes, you are taking them on a journey that brings not only your brand’s energy to life, but also showcases your product in a different light. If you have an interesting asset that’s posted in your feed, follow it up with a behind the scenes shot that showcases whatever way you went about making that specific piece content because it could even help you gain a new type of following. An audience that not only looks forward to your content but an audience that looks forward to the creative process behind it. 

PSSTTT!  Bonus tip!

Have you ever created a story and realized that the sticker you wanted to use wasn’t in the app? Well, did you know you can grab any photos (jpg, png, and gif) from the internet and paste it on your instagram story?  

All you have to do is:

  1. Setup your story
  2. Go to your browser
  3. Search for the gif/image you want to use
  4. Hold down on the image and “copy” the image
  5. Jump back to your story 
  6. It will automatically turn it into a sticker
  7. Post it!

There you have it! You can now turn anything into an Instagram sticker!

These tips will help elevate your Instagram page to make it not only something more unique, but something more engaging for your audiences. Stories are all about delivering that bite sized bit of energy out to your following in a relatively simple and easy way.  They allow you the ability to double down on the content you put out in your feed. It’s a great place to get quick messages out, and an extended place to tell your story.

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